My beer journey so far

The past ten years I’ve been lucky enough to live in Toronto and have access to great pubs where I can go with my drinking buddies and discover new beers and beer styles. Mainly my location of choice has been Smokeless Joes because it’s in my hood. I thought after all these years of randomly picking different beers to try (and forgetting them after the 5th one) I should deepen my knowledge of beer that goes beyond sitting at Smokeless every weekend. That’s when I discovered the Prud’homme™ Beer Certification course, Canada’s first Beer Certification program. I highly recommend this program and wish I had done this years ago. I’ve been learning so much about beer and appreciate it even more so. Literally this course has changed my life!

If you asked me 2 years ago what my favourite type of beer is I would have said without a doubt a Witbier/Belgian Strong Pale ale/Belgian Triple and would have named my favorites as Delirium Tremens, Affligem, Blanche De Chambly or Westmalle Triple.

Now the more I discover different types of beers I would say the Belgian Ales would be one of my least favorites. Maybe I overdosed? Or maybe it’s just a phase.

Recently I’ve become obsessed with Humulus lupulus (aka hops – but I love that name). The more hops the beer has the better. This summer I couldn’t get enough of the Garrisons Imperial IPA and Black Oak’s Ten Bitter Years. Every time I taste a beer I’m find I’m always looking out for that bitterness to come through. Another phase?…who knows.


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