Drink local!

It’s really annoying to me the amount of people I talk to who say they like beer and they are afraid to venture out of the European beer market. Ontario craft breweries have so much to offer if people just open their adventurous side every now and then and give them a try. Yes European beer is good and they have excellent beers but so do we! And on top of it we’re local which means fresh!! Support your local breweries and buy their beers.

I was talking to someone and they mentioned they always buy Heineken, Stella and sometimes Becks. I mentioned to them they should try some Ontario breweries  and went on to mention the Great Lake’s Devil’s Pale Ale 666 – they snickered as if to say ‘ew, Canadian beer.’ Don’t judge unless you try!!!

In the past few months I made the following attempts to create awareness in my family to help convert them to local brews:

1. My family has been a corona lover for years (skunky corona that needs a lime). Recently I replaced their corona for Mill Street Organic Lager.

2. I brought some Mill St. Barley wine for my parents to taste. They couldn’t believe it was a beer and we all enjoyed the pre-dinner barley wine.

3. I put a Beau’s Lug Tread in their fridge in my sister’s fridge whom happens to favor European beers.

Hope they enjoy this new experience and look out for these beers next time they go to the LCBO. Baby steps to spread the knowledge of Ontario craft beers.

Which brings me to a message from Dalton McGuinty on Ontario craft beers! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iZSR6kQUDGQ


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