Smell your beer!

In Roger Mittag’s beer school (yes there’s been a lot of references to this because I learnt a ton about beer from him this past year), the most important thing he taught us was to smell our beer. Don’t just dive into it and start drinking it. Take some time and take in the aroma. Try to pinpoint what you are smelling, then dive in and drink it. I have to say this advice has fully enhanced my beer drinking experience. As usual I went home and applied my new beer experience. Every time I had a beer I would take a moment to smell it and try to determine what aromas I was getting. At first my husband would give me strange looks. At times I would ask him what he smells to see if were both smelling the same thing or if he (being a chef) smells something new. After months of him witnessing me (and sometimes with a strange face) take in the aromas of my beer I gave him a beer on the weekend that neither or us had (Norrebro Bombay Pale Ale)….I looked over and caught him in the act smelling his beer! Love it.

Take some time – smell your beer first. You won’t regret it!


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