Porters and Stouts Tasting

A few days ago Jon, Arlene (my drinking buddy) and I went to a Porter and Stout blind tasting at C’est What. They give you a sheet of paper with beer numbers and you take notes, give each beer a rating and then guess which beer is which! 8/10 were cask beers and 2 were bottled.

Here are the beers and my rating out of 50: 

  • Muskoka Double Chocolate Cranberry Stout – 44
  • Grand River Russian Gun Imperial Stout – 40
  • Wellington Imperial Russian Stout – 39
  • Duggan’s #8 – 39
  • Steve’s Dreaded Chocolate Orange – 37
  • Great Lakes Harry Porter – 31
  • Black Oak Double Chocolate Cherry Stout – 31
  • Lake of Bays Mocha Porter – 30
  • Neustadt Pre-Porter – 30
  • Scotch Irish Black Irish Porter – 20

I’ve only ever had 3 of these before. From the blinding tasting I got 5/10 correct which includes the 3 I’ve previously had. Not bad.

Here are a few pictures:


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