Pub Review: Corks and Real Sports Bar and Grill

I’ve been anxious to check out Corks Beer and Wine Bar since it opened last year at Maple Leafs Square. I’ve heard this bar, which is located in the new Longos beside the Air Canada Center, serves local craft beers only! We went to check it out on Sunday and they had beers from Grand River, Granite, Black Oak on tap. A great selection however the atmosphere was very cafeteria-like and aside from the beers not very inviting. We didn’t stay for a drink and went next door to the Real Sports Bar instead. However as we were leaving one of the workers there informed us that Monday-Wednesday you can get a pint and a pizza for $10. Not bad since Longos pizza is soooo good (and fresh).

I went to the Real Sports Bar with low expectations (beer wise) and was quite impressed. They had a big selection of beers (overpriced ones) both Canadian and European. The beers we ordered came in their branded glassware! And I looked around and noticed they had a lot of branded glassware. Great! Now if only they were served properly with the logo facing the customer. But with my low expectations I was impressed. The meals as expected were also overpriced but I wasn’t too surprised considering the location. The food exceeded my expectations. Not only was the presentation excellent but so were the portions and food quality. Might be one of the best pub food meals I’ve had in the city. We went on a Sunday mid-afternoon and the place was packed. I was quite surprised considering there was no major Toronto game on. The only Canadian sport that was playing was the Senators game and rightly so, it was being played on a small screen in the corner. Overall it’s definitely a great atmosphere to watch a sports game and have a few beers…that is if you can get in. Can’t image how busy it would be during a Leafs game.


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