Duggan’s Brewery – closed

While we were backpacking in Asia Duggan’s brewery closed down! Being a supporter of local beer I was a bit sad to see this happen. Looking back now I’m not too surprised. The place they occupied was a huge space. I went within 2 months of them opening (late 2009) and the place was packed. Since then, everytime I’ve gone it’s been empty inside. I’ve gone during lunchtime, in the evening and afterwork and I’ve never seen it as busy as the first time I went. Not only was it dead but the food was very overpriced for what you got and the service was horrible. My second last time there we sat at a table and the server came and told us we had to move over 2 tables. We had no idea why but he insisted we weren’t allowed to sit where we wanted to sit – again at this time there were very few people in the bar.

Apparently they will still be brewing Duggan’s #9 at Cool – my favorite beer by them.

Here are a few pictures of the site as I walked by:


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