Beer Review: Muskoka Summer Weiss

I bought this seasonal beer from Muskoka right before I left to go travelling and I’ve only now had a chance to try this.

Here is my review of Muskoka Summer Weiss (5.0%):
Appearance: I love the beautiful bright summer-like label (especially on a cold rainy day). And like their Double Chocolate Cranberry Stout it comes in a big 750 ml swingtop bottle. It pours a light cloudy golden color with minimal white head that dissipates quickly. There is no lacing and it looks highly carbonated.
 Aroma:  Most of the smell is banana, some cloves and there is also some orange notes as well.
Taste: Again banana upfront but is balanced out by orange. Cloves and herbal notes are present as well as corriander. Slight sweetness of the banana carries through.
Mouthfeel: Agressive carbonation, light body and very crisp.
Finish: Quick, slight coating on the mouth making you want more.

Overall I enjoyed this beer. I expected it to be slightly heavier and not as much carbonation. However the high carbonation gives it a crisp feel to it making it highly drinkable – especially in the summer! The only downside would be is after a few I could see the sweetness getting a bit much for me.

Great job by Muskoka again. This brewery is easily becoming my favorite brewery in Ontario.



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2 responses to “Beer Review: Muskoka Summer Weiss

  1. Lisa

    I loved this beer too!!! Had it at Easter thinking that it was a good size to share…only, I didn’t want to share it! I’m a big fan of Muskoka Brewery as well. I love the “newish” trend of creating seasonal beer. There is always something to look forward to each season and it makes each brew special, as it is available for a limited time. That’s what I call a treat!!!

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