Boston – Pubs and craft beer

This was my first time in Boston. It’s a great city with a great selection of craft beer.

I wanted to write 2 reviews on 2 pubs I went to.

1. Champions Sports Bar

As a hockey fan one of the things I wanted to do (beside the beer festival) was go to a sports bar and watch the Stanley Cup Final – Vancouver vs. Boston. I looked online and found an article that listed the top 10 sports bars to see a hockey game, and came across Champions Sports Bar. This bar was a perfect selection since it was located 10 minutes walking distance from where we were staying. It was similar to Real Sports Bar & Grill in Toronto with a ton of screens everywhere and crowded with hockey fans. What I was really impressed about was the beer selection. Majority of the beers on tap were craft beers from the States. You wouldn’t find this in Toronto. Most place that have that kind of selection would be anything but a sports bar. I just found it was so refreshing to enjoy a game while drinking a Dogfish Head 90 Minute IPA, amounst other craft beers I had to choose from including beers from Shipyard, Wachusett, Ipswich, Sam Adams!!! Hockey and good beer make me very happy.

2. Durgin-Park & The Hideout

Durgin-Park/Hideout is located steps from State Station in Quincy Market. From my first impression, very touristy as most places were in this area.  However I saw the impressive draft list they had and the craft beer menu and it exceeded my expectations. Not only was the selection good but the prices were decent as well..and their oysters were so fresh!

On the front of the craft beer menu it read (left hand picture) “as many of our guests know, we strive for culinary greatness. Now we also strive for beer greatness”. All in all I did have a good experience at this bar. Most of it was because I was overwhelmed we stumbled upon a bar with a huge selection of craft beers. There’s 3 things I noticed about this place that I didn’t like if they claim to ‘strive for beer greatness’:

1. None of the glasses on tap were served with the branded beer glass.

2. None of the beers were served with a decent head on them – isn’t this part of beer greatness?

3. I was served a bottle of Troegs HopBack with dark green glass. I went up to the bar to ask for a clear glass and the waitress said ‘well what difference does it make?’

Normally I wouldn’t be too worried about the above (but I would notice it). Considering I was on vacation, we were in a touristy area my expectations weren’t too high. However this bar, which had Beer Advocate ratings all over it, and claimed they wanted me to ‘be adventurous, expand my palate and try a new beer…’ (as indicated on their beer menu) I was quite disappointed with the service, glassware and lack of beer knowledge by the staff.

On another note…

When you’re in Boston you can’t miss going to Cheers– great atmosphere!

Beers - Harpoon IPA (x2), Abita Purple Haze, Samuel Adams Brick Red


Good beer served on a plane - why can't more airlines do this?! Good Job Porter


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