Bar Towel 10th Anniversary Celebration and Brew


Yesterday afternoon I took the day off to go to Great Lakes Brewery as there was an exclusive get together to celebrate Bar Towel’s 10th Anniversary.

From the Bar Towel’s website:

And part of that celebration is something very special today.  Organized by longtime Bar Towel friend and member Jon Walker (joined July 27, 2001 – his avatar included in this post), he has organized a special Bar Towel Forums Brew Day at Great Lakes today.  At the brewery today, Mike Lackey and a few dozen Bar Towel regulars will be brewing a special 10th Anniversary Bar Towel beer, tentatively named CASScadian Dark Ale (with a touch of Belgo added in).

Great Lakes did a great job in hosting this event. We were greeted with a glass of  Black Oak’s 10 Bitter Years. Great Lakes opened a keg of Crazy Canuck Pale Ale and supplied us with a few bottles of previous Project X  beers and one off beers to try – one called Baby Vomit (and tasted the same way too). A few people brought some beers for everyone to taste. It was a great day and I met a few fun beer lovers.

Here are a few pics:



Announcement made that Adrian from Black Oak is moving to Great Lakes

Brewing of the CASScadian Dark Ale

Brewing CASScadian Dark Ale


Me adding some hops (and smelling the wort)


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