Last night at smokeless


Last night the BQUAD had there last drinks at Smokeless Joe’s.

Again another night of great company, some friendly debates and most of all awesome atmosphere. We were able to see the pink elephant and strategically planned how we can (once again) bring him home..however we were unsuccessful.

Upon ordering our final round of drinks of La Fin Du Monde Colin walked in. Fittingly he served us our last Smokeless Joe’s drink (there was only 1 bottle left so we split it).

Before we left we were able to check out the almost empty beer fridge. We had a quick talk with Joe who let us know that he just finalized the new location, and Smokeless will be moving to the Bar One spot on Queen and Shaw. The aim is to open the new location on August 1. We were told Delirium and the pink elephant will await our arrival.  Cross our fingers it will be another nice spot, but nothing will beat the original location.

Here are a few pictures of our night:

Beer Fridge



Colin showed up to pour us our last drink


La Fin du Monde (End of the world)





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