Wellington Brewery

This weekend we went to Guelph and visited Wellington Brewery. Wellington Brewery has been around since 1985 and they specialize in English Style Ales. I was actually really impressed by the brewery and the whole experience I had there. I haven’t had many Wellington Beers and in all honesty they were not at the top of my list. However I now have a completely different perspective. The brewery itself is gorgeous. It’s in a small house that looks like a cottage. For $5 you sample all 7 of their beers (Trailhead Lager, Silver Wheat Ale, Iron Duke, Imperial Stout, SPA, County Ale and Arkell Bitter), you get a free mug (plastic but great for outdoor events) and they fill up the mug with any beer you wanted while doing a tour! It was probably the best beer tour I’ve been on.

Here is their tasting room. It’s really big with small tables around and chips/pretzels for tastings. The look and feel is very much English:

 Here are a few pictures of the brewery:

Before we went to Wellington we stopped off around the corner at F&M Brewery. One of the brewers there recommended the Woolwich Arms which has a bunch of craft beers and 3 cask beers.  It is a nice pub in the center of Guelph that focuses on local beers as well as local foods. Highly recommended if you are in the area.


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