Ontario Craft Beer Week: Brewing under the stars

Last night I went to the Brewing under the stars event at the Stout Irish Pub. On the patio the brewers from Great Lakes, Cameron’s, F&M and Biergotter had there one-off beers in cask. Great Lakes was also in the middle of brewing (on the patio) a Bright Star Stout. Everyone was able to try the wort (boiled barley juice) just before they moved it to the kettle! It tasted like sugared black coffee.

The patio was packed, about 50 people.

Here are the beers they had and the order I liked them in:

  •  F&M Imperial Pilsner
  • Cameron’s Hefeweisse – not my favorite style but this beer turned out excellent
  • Great Lakes Bright Star Stout
  • Great Lakes 4 Pale Malt
  • Biergotter Irish Malt Liquor

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