Ontario Craft Beer Week: Cest What’s Annual Beer Festival

We went to the C’est What Annual Beer Festival last night. We arrived early and there we were able to sit right at the bar. It didn’t get really busy until after 7. And even at that time there were no lines up and you can easily get samples. The great thing about this Festival is it’s free! The sample are $1 each and you get about 2 ounces. I saw a few people come in not knowing about the festival and decided to try some ontario beers. Making this event free allows the non-beer geek to easily discover ontario craft beers.

Some of the beers I was really looking forward to were: Great Lakes Miranda Saison, Church Key Sacred Saison and Black Oak Bourbon Barrel Nut Brown Ale.

Honeslty I was dissappointed with all the above except the Great Lakes Miranda Saison.  The Black Oak Bourbon Barrel Nut Brown Ale was really off – smelt like wet gym socks (big brewing error!).

Neustadt Sour Kraut smelt and tasted like a cherry jolly rancher. At first I wasn’t impressed but after a few sips I started to like it. My favorite overall was the Amsterdamn Tempest Imperial Stout!  It was an excellent stout – 9% but it didn’t taste very boozy. Even the amsterdamn reps kept drinking this beer all night .


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