Ontario Craft Beer Week: Pub Crawl – East

Last night I went on a Troy/Cass Pub Crawl. We first started at Taps and Tales where they offered $5 Flying Monkey’s Hopical Illusion. Taps and Tales is nice and cozy with a great beer selection. The atmosphere is really nice and a great addition to a sketchy area (Greenwood station).

Our second stop was The Only Cafe  where we stood outside on the patio and I had a Muskoka Mad Tom IPA (love). I spoke to one of the brewers from Muskoka who use to work at Cameron’s. I also found out a brewer at Cameron’s is moving to Beau’s! Back to the beer… it was the first time I’ve had the Mad Tom on tap and I have to say I think I prefer it from the bottle.  The beer had a more of a crisp taste in the bottle and therefore brought out the hop bitterness more. I really love the citrus smell in this beer – yum (side note – yum in vietnamese means horny).

Afterward we headed to Dora Keogh . I expected a bit more in terms of their draft offerings. It was also empty! I had to get the Fuller’s London Porter that was available on cask! Couldn’t pass it up.

Our final stop was Victory Cafe where the east group and the west group met up. The bar was packed and we had to sit upstairs (first time I’ve been up there).  At Victory I ended my night with Spearhead’s Hawaiian Style Pale Ale. I have to say my expectations were pretty low on this beer but the first time I tried it I loved it and it was confirmed again at Victory.

 (too busy talking to take any pics)


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