Ontario Craft Beer Week Finale: Session99

A few friends and I attended the Session99 Craft Beer Festival at 99 Sudbury. It was $40 and you receive a really nice mug and access to any beer talks that include the beer and any other food. Sample tickets are $1 each, each sample is 1 tickets unless it’s a higher alcohol beer or a one-off beer it is 2 tickets. The venue was a perfect size. It was a good space with both inside and outside booths. Inside was a huge stage with various musicians. It wasn’t overly crowded and the good thing is we only had to wait for no more than 2 people when getting samples. It was overcast however if it did rain it would have been a different scenario. There was enough room inside to fit everyone however it would have been packed and crowded. There was several sessions inside on different beer topics and my only complaint was the speaker definitely needed a mic because if you were in the back it was hard to hear.

When we got there Garrett Oliver from Brooklyn brewery was doing a beer and food session. We were able to catch the last few minutes of him. Garrett Oliver is extremely knowledgeable when it comes to food and beer pairings. I wish I got to see his session. I overheard something about beer crab cakes!!

Garrett Oliver Brooklyn Brewery

We then saw Roger Mittag’s session on wheat beers. I was trying to pay attention because I’m doing a German wheat beer session at school in two weeks. It was hard since there were samples of beer going around every 2 minutes.

Roger speaking about wheat beers

Following that Mirella Amato did a session on beer and cheese which was amazing. The 2 best pairings Great Lakes  Devil’s Pale Ale 666 with a cheese called Malibu Barrel-aged Cheddar and The Wellington Dark with Frico Extra Matured Gouda. The other 2 cheeses were a Cape Vassey (missing from picture below) and St. Augur Blue.

Beer and cheese session with Mirella

Roger was back on doing a dark beer sessions where he had samples of Wellington Iron Duke! My new beer I’m really digging right now.

Dark beers session with Roger

The last session was Beer and chocolate with Mirella. We sampled Mill Street’s Framboise with a dark chocolate and fruity inside, Nicklebrock Organic white with passion fruit white chocolate – made chocolate less sweet. and Black Oak Nut Brown with Hazelnut chocolate.

At the fest, there were 37 brewers featured and 2 of them were American. There was a booth with all Quebec beers – Microbrasserie Charlevoix, Dieu Du Ciel, Trois Mousquetaires and Trou Du Diable. There were 5 Canadian breweries outside of Ontario and the rest were from Ontario.

Some beers that stuck out were Flying Monkeys saison Wizard of Odd, Wellington/F&M collaboration beer Black IPA, Phillips Hammer Imperial Stout and Flying Monkeys Black saison!!! Burger Bar had a booth there and were giving out samples of their Augusta Ale that was hand pumped through Columbus hop flowers. I’ve had this beer recently and I didn’t see any more of an increased hop bitterness using this technique – perhaps an enhance aroma. At the Great Lakes booth they were introducing their Seasonal Miami Weiss (which was really good) and there was a big demand for one of my favorite Great Lake’s IPA – ROBO HOP! The tap handles were my fave.

Tap handles at the Great Lakes - Robo Hop and Summer Weiss


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