Ontario Dark Beers

I wanted to do a tasting of 3 dark beers I buy on a regular basis. My buying decisions for these beer are completely random and is almost solely based on which one I come across first as oppose to taste. So I thought I would be tasting of all three of these beer back to compare them all.

Here are my tasting notes all 5%:

Hockley Valley Dark – light brown head, dark cherry color; aroma is dominated by chocolate, and vanilla and has hints of espresso: taste again has chocolate flavors up front and molasses sweetness that isn’t too overpowering.

Muskoka Dark – medium brown tight head, dark brown with red highlights; aroma has roasted and woody notes with faint sweetness; roasted and nutty notes dominate in flavor and there is a slight sweetness from beginning to end; this beer has a lingering bitter flavor to it.

Wellington County Ale Dark – a light brown foam with some big bubbles, medium cherry wood; the aroma is very subtle but pumpernickel and cherry flavors come through; the taste has a lot of biscuit, bread and nutty flavors with some cherry notes and faint caramel sweetness.

From a comparative stand point:
Color – Muskoka Dark was the darkest followed by hockley Dark then wellington County Ale.
Head – Muskoka has the darkest head and then Hockley Dark followed closely by Wellington County Ale.
Mouthfeel – Muskoka has the heaviest and Wellington County Ale had the lightest (and most carbonation) with Hockley Dark being in the middle.
Taste/Aroma – the Muskoka Dark and Hockley Valley Dark have the strongest aroma and taste. Hockley Dark being the most sweeter out of the two. The Wellington County Ale is the lightest beer in both taste and aroma. This would be a great beer to give to someone to introduce them to dark beers.

Overall I loved the Muskoka Dark. I could see myself drinking a few of these in a row. The Hockley Valley Dark is also an excellent beer however it’s slightly sweet for my palate to drink more than one.


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