Beercation: Day 1

A few weeks ago my friend and I decided to do a beercation trip to Quebec with a stopover in Ottawa to catch up with some friends. We decided to drive mainly to bring back a car load of beer!

Here is the journey of our Quebec beercation which I’ve split into 4 posts

I found on the bartowel a place in the States called Bessette’s in Canton where you can go and pick up some great American craft beers. This place was 20 minutes from the border and we didn’t even have to go out of our way to get to the border. Basically before you go onto the 416 to Ottawa you go south to the border.

37 Gouverneur St. Canton, NY

This place was amazing. Of course this is coming from someone who shops at the LCBO. The selection for me was incredible and well worth the small detour. The owners were really nice and helped up pack all of our beers and take them into the car. It wasn’t a very big place but there I can’t complain about what I was able to buy.


Highlander pub
115 Rideau Street Ottawa, ON

This is the first pub we saw after checking in. We were desperate for drink so didn’t even check the taps before deciding we were going to sit down. We found out that they actually had two beers that they brew They patio was huge and the atmosphere was good for a 4pm on a Thursday. If you like Scotch this is the place to go. Not only did they have a ton of selection on Scotch but they had tasting notes (Spicy, Fruity etc) and notes on how to taste scotch.

 Beers enjoyed – Claymore amber and blonde.

Clock Tower Brew Pub
89 Clarence St. Ottawa, ON


Next we met some friends at the Clocktower Brew pub in the market. Again the atmosphere was lively and busy. The food was good. A bit better than your average pub food and they had some healthy options. We arrived there at 7pm and got a seat no problem. Shortly after the place was pretty busy.

 Beers enjoyed – Wishart’s bitter (ESB) and the Kolsch.

54 York Street
Ottawa, Ontario

We decided to have a drink at Vineyards because on our way to dinner we saw that they had a huge poster and a sign on Belgium beers. I was really impressed with what they had to offer. Not only did they have a big menu of beers but they had a separate Belgium beer list!

Beers enjoyed – It was a lambic beer but I forgot which one.

Onto Day 2


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