Beercation: Day 2

Beau’s Brewery
10 Terry Fox Ave. Vankleek Hill, ON

I couldn’t be in the vicinity of one of my favorite breweries and not drop in! So we stopped at Beau’s which was in a very small town. The brewery was huge. Bigger than what I expected. And they had a nice selection of merchandise. Did a tour and bought a shirt.

Here are a few tour pictures:

Mash tun






Bottling Line

We finally make it to Montreal and it took us at least an hour to find a parking spot that was: a) somewhat walkable to our hotel and b) that was opened to the public for 24 hours.

In Montreal we did a pub crawl:

Dieu Du Ciel
29 Ave Laurier West. Montreal, QC

Dieu du Ciel is one of my favorite breweries! It was a beautiful day so we had a few samples and a couples of beers and sat on the patio.

They had a small menu and we shared a pizza. We also met the brewmaster Luc Lafontaine and another brewer Sebastian. I immediately started up a conversation with Sebastian because I saw that he was wearing a Volo Cask Days t-shirt from last year! Anyways, really friendly guys that gave us some tips on our pub crawl.

Beers enjoyed –  Noce de Soie (Saison),  Penombre (black IPA), Deese Nocturne (Stout) and Solstice D’ete aux Cerises (Fruit) (This was was recommended by Luc and Sebastian)

Vices et Versa
6631 Boulevard St-Laurent. Montreal, QC

Next we continued for another 20 minutes to Vices et Versa. I was highly recommended this so I couldn’t wait to go. We went through a bit of an industrial part of town passing vacuum shops, tile shops, antique shops, mannequin shops!!! We finally got to Vices et Versa and it was empty. I was a bit hesitate but my hesitation faded when we saw the amazing back patio which was packed of people. Great pub that I wanted to take back to Toronto with me. They had 32 beers on tap!

Not only that but it was happy hour! Again we split the pizzas – both this place and Dieu Du Ciel had small pizzas (we weren’t THAT hungry).

Beers enjoyed – Hopfenstark IPA Belge (Loved this beer!), Dunham IPA Anglaise, Dunham American pale Ale and Simple Malt Golding IPA

L’Amere a Boir
2049 St-Denis. Montreal, QC

We took the Metro over to L’Amere a Boir. When we arrived it wasn’t very busy and we were able to get a seat no problem. The server was really nice and I can imagine it having a good vibe being a bit more busier. Regardless it was enjoyable!

Beers enjoyed – Here we did 4 tasters (we were pacing ourselves) – Biere Lager Blonde, Vollbier,  Odense porter,  Imperial Stout (Loved this one the best)

Le Saint Bock
1749 St-Denis. Montreal, QC

When we got to this place it was packed (probably around 8). We were able to get a seat – one of the few. The atmosphere was amazing with beer bottles along the walls.

Not only did they have a draft list of 20 beers but they had a Book – La Bible des Bieres! There were mostly European beers but a great selection and the prices were not bad at all.

The table we sat at had a wooden barrel with barley on the top covered by glass. I loved it! Thought it was very creative and fitting.

The food menu had page of cheese options. We went for a big cheese plate. I wish more beer places in Toronto had more of a selection of cheese plates. The crowd was mixed –  young students/business people/older crowd. If I had one complaint it would be the slow service but the place was pretty busy.

Beers enjoyed – St Bock’s Monastique, A la Fut’s Ruine-Papilles IPA

Cheval Blanc 
809 Ontario Street East. Montreal, QC

We walked 5 minutes to Cheval Blanc. The place was small but was designed really nicely. They had 7 of their own beers and about 30 imported bottles.

They had some beers coming out this fall that looked really good – rauchbier, vanilla imperial porter, a saison! In some way it sort of reminded me of Beer Bistro. It was really busy but we were able to grab a spot at the bar.

Beers enjoyed – Le Cheval Blanc Noire,  Le Cheval Blanc Grand Cru

245 Sherbrooke Street West. Montreal, QC

Our last stop on the pub crawl was Benelux. When we got there it was jam packed. They had a massive patio and we sat down and the waitress said their closing up their patio in 10 minutes. Thought this was a bit strange. A nice summer day and you’re closing the patio before 11? We proceeded with the packed crowd and moved our way to the inside. We passed by everyone else and we were able to score a seat. It was complete lucky since the chances of us getting one looked pretty slim. Unfortunately we probably go here too late. Not only was it busy but they had run out of a lot of their beers.

Beers enjoyed – Yakima, Cuda IPA

Onto Day 3



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