2011 Wrap up

Just looking back at my beer related events this year. The best of them all was Volo Cask Days by far. I can’t stress what a great event it was – atmosphere, beers, people!!! I’m already looking forward to next year’s event.

Some other favorites were:

  • Brewing with Paul Dickey – I had the greatest opportunity to help brew a beer with Paul Dickey, a brewer that definitely knows his beer and what he’s doing. On top of it all he’s an awesome guy.
  • Toronto Beer week – In particular the bars staying open ’til the wee hours of the morning created an amazing atmosphere.
  • My Prud’Homme beer dinner at Beer Bistro. Roger treated us to Sam Adams Utopias and Brian Morin treated us to a few bottles of Westvleteren 12!
  • Facilitating various corporate tasting – love introducing people to craft beer.
  • Montreal pub crawling with my drinking buddy.
  • The American Craft Beer festival in Boston.

Best new beer I had in 2011?!! Black Oak’s Cafe au Lait – Black Oak night @ Volo!


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