What are you in the mood for? Bad serving etiquette

I was at Hemingways in Yorkville with a friend for lunch. It was midday and there was 2 other small tables of people eating. I noticed they had about 10 drafts…could be more. The waitress came around and asked what we would like to drink. And the following conversation played out in the following manner:

Me – What do you have on tap?

Waitress – What are you in the mood for?

Me – It depends, what you have on tap?

Waitress – Did you want something dark or something light?

Me (getting annoyed) – I’ll just go to the bar and check out what beers you have.

Waitress (also getting annoyed) – Well I can list them off for you, we have…….

This conversation completely pissed me off. Not only have I experienced this here but I’ve experienced this a few other places (Fionn MacCool’s, most recently).

Is this what they teach servers? I don’t see the logistics at all in this serving etiquette. What I would have preferred is, if she just told me what was on tap right away. If I’m not familiar with the beers offered then I might ask her what she recommends, or perhaps I would just ask her right away for recommendations.

Perhaps people who go to Hemmingways or Fionn MacCool’s usually ask the waitress for advise right away on what drinks they want to consume. However I did specifically asked what was on tap and she assumed she was the one that was in the better position to advise me of what beer I should drink.

The second thing that pissed me off is, is this how she asks all customers what they are in the mood for – something dark or something light?????!! This is quite misleading. How about – would you like something smooth, sweet, something light and easy drinking or something a bit more bitter, etc.? What if I did say I wanted something dark and I was expecting something with minimal hop flavors like a Kilkenny or Guinness, and she came back with a Tankhouse? I probably would not have been satisfied.



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