Bellwoods Brewery

Last night I dropped by Bellwoods Brewery for a visit. They are located on Ossington just north of Queen St West. The location is  very convenient! The inside looks absolutely amazing with really high ceilings! I met with Mike and we had a quick conversation. They’ve just finished paving the front for a patio and they plan on having a patio with an awning and patio heaters to help make use of the patio for as long as possible. They have a mezzanine level with bar type seating with stools where you look over the brewery. This is my favorite part of this place – great concept! Here’s a not-so-good picture of the top area… that was currently being worked on when I was there.

When I was there I was able to try 4 of their beers – Common (pale ale),  Farmhouse ale (saison), Toil and Trouble (Belgian Dubbel) and the Witch Shark (Imperial IPA). By far my favorite was the Witch Shark. An amazing IPA with a dry finish, 8 or 9% (very hidden), and a massive big white head with beautiful lacing. Their Common was a great beer as well for those who want a ‘lighter’ tasting beer. It’s approximately 40 IBUS and northern brewer was used giving it a subtle earthiness.

I’m sooo looking forward to this place opening next week! Great location, beer and people!


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