Where have I been? In April I decided to go on a cleanse and take a month off of drinking and put myself on a strict high protein diet. I gave myself a few exceptions – my mom’s birthday, Bar Volo’s IPA challenge day (though I didn’t get in so I went to Wvrst) and a boardgame day with friends (which I only had 2 beers in total). So for a month I had 6 beers.

What I discovered in that time:

  •  I missed my friends – I avoided after work drinks, beer events and random invites that included alcohol
  • my alcohol tolerance decreased dramatically…the few times I did drink I had a buzz right away – some would say this is good but I do like volume!
  • I missed trying new releases from the LCBO. I would visit the LCBO and buy beers but I didn’t drink them…which was quite sad. I actually had quite a big selection by the end of my cleanse.

Basically I don’t think I will ever do this again. I’ve done a non-drinking cleanse for 2 weeks and I think that’s enough. One month is definitely pushing it. My conclusion is I love beer too much to give it up for an entire month 🙂

I’m back and will get back to blogging now that May is here.




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