Beer and Cheese paring


Last week we had a Barley Angels meeting at Smokeless Joes. It was my favorite type of event – Beer and cheese pairing.

 We tried the following pairings:

1. Red Leicester + Beau’s Beaver River

This pairing working ok together. Generally I like when the beer enhances the cheese or changes it or vice versa. With this pairing it was definitely a contrast pairing where both the beer and the cheese worked independently at the same time.

2. Sage Derby +  Beau’s Patio Saison

The sage in the cheese complimented the coriander flavors in beer. The sage in the cheese and the hints of cloves in the beer were a great match too as the sage flavors actually made the clove more prominent in the beer. I especially liked that this beer is very crisp and has a dry finish which helped cleaned the palate from the bold flavors of the cheese. The dryness as well as the carbonation made the overall cheese less salty.

3. 1 year old gouda + Beau’s Mr. Hyde (RPA)

This pairing was quite simple but worked really well together. The bitterness of the RPA cut into the creaminess of the gouda. The nutty notes in the gouda complimented the grain flavors in the beer quite nicely. I really liked how the dry finish of the RPA also cleaned your palate.

4. 3 year old gouda + Beau’s Mr. Hyde (RPA) Barrel Aged + Blue Cheese

I wasn’t a big fan of the 3 year old gouda and the Barrel Aged Mr. Hyde. tasting. Both worked well together, but again it was more of a contrast pairing. So I tried this beer with the Blue cheese and it was incredible! The Barrel Aged Mr. Hyde had a sweetness to it and it played along very nicely with the saltiness of the Blue Cheese – Love the this combination. The smooth mouthfeel of the beer complimented the creamy mouthfeel of the cheese. I loved the way the booziness of the beer interacted with the blue cheese – in a way it enhance the flavor of the cheese. This combination left you wanting more! A very rich and complex pairing.

5. Blue Cheese + Doublewide IPA

After having the Blue cheese with the Barrel Aged Mr. Hyde  it was hard to compare it to another pairing. However this pairing also worked well together in a different way. The Doublewide IPA cut through the richness of the blue cheese and cleaned the palate. This combination would be more of a ‘sessionary’ one (if that even makes sense). The above combination is very rich and could only work in small quantities.

All in all another fun time experimenting with my favorite parings!



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