England – pub crawl

First day in London was a pub crawl! We arrived at 8am and our train to leave to Devon was at midnight. So we thought it was a perfect day to do a pub crawl! We met a friend from Scotland and our family in London for lunch and started our crawl.

Some of the places we went to that I highly recommend:

1. Craft Beer Co. – 82 Leather Lane

This is an awesome pub for any beer nerd. I was completely overwhelmed by their cask selection. Unfortunately I didn’t take any pictures…mainly because I was too excited, but check them out on Pinterest.

2.  Ye Olde Mitre – 1 Ely Court, Ely Place
This was my favorite pub of the day. It’s very small and hidden away. Normally after work it’s packed with standing room only. However, since we went during the Olympics and many people were working from home, it was empty.

3. Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese – 145 Fleet St.

This pub is quite big, however they have a bunch of separate rooms to make it cozy. It also has multiple levels.

They had some great vintage breweriana around this pub.

4.  The Old Bank of England – 194 Fleet St.

This pub is beautiful. It’s an old bank converted into a pub. It use to be the Bank of England for 87 years!

The other interesting thing about this pub is the Sweeney Todd connection. Here’s what their website says:

The Old Bank of England has a somewhat more gruesome connection with the past too. It allegedly lies between the site of the barber shop owned by Sweeney Todd, and the pie shop owned by his mistress, Mrs Lovett. It is said to be in the tunnels and vaults below the building that Sweeney Todd’s victims were butchered – before being cooked and sold in pies to Mrs Lovett’s unsuspecting customers.

And finally we ended the day with a roasted duck family meal.


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