England – Cheddar

Our next stop was Cheddar! I was super excited to go because I’m a huge turophile (cheese lover).

In Cheddar we were able to see parts of the cheese making process.

Cheddar Gorge – Mendip hills

Cheddar gorge cheese shop where you can taste about 20 different cheeses.

Here they are making the cheddar. It’s one of the first stages of cheese making. You can go in and out of the cheese factory to see different stages of the process throughout the day.

Cheese making a couple of hours later

Cheese affinage – the ripening stage. Here they mature the cheddar for 7-15 months at 11C. This room holds 750 cheeses.

We went into the Gough’s Cave and saw these cave aged cheeses ripening.

I found this great beer store with so many beers I didn’t recognize. The guy working there was really helpful and helped me pick out a handfull of popular beers.

And of course…you can’t visit this area without enjoy some Scrumpy and Thatchers cider. Wish I brought some home, but there’s always next time.


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