homebrew setup

Here are some pics of my homebrew setup: 

Victory Grain Mill

2 gallon mash tun (in my favorite color – score!)

Collecting wort in my sink.

The Boil using a 2.5 Gallon pot I got from China town.

Chilling wort – using an ice bath.

Wort, once chilled – effect of whirlpooling.


Siphoning to Fermenter.

Fermenter in a plastic bucket of cold water (from my ice bath).

Fermenter setup wrapped in a t-shirt (note GLB devil’s 666 shirt!) blow off tube in sanitizer. The tube is replaced by an airlock after a few days.

A lot of people recommend putting your fermenter in a dark place. However, I’ve chosen to place it by the window because there seems to be a draft in the winter, which helps keeps it cold. This also happens to be the same place where the air conditioning blows, again keeping it cold in the summer. I put a black tea towel over the fermenter to keep it from the light.


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