Looking Back at 2012

So looking back at 2012.

My favorite beers I tried for the first time were (no particular order):

My Favorite beer events were:

Now looking back at my 2012 beer resolutions. Since I wrote them a year ago I never referred back to them and forgot most of them! I only fulfilled 6/13!

New Year 2012 Beer Resolutions

1. Do the Beer Makes History Better Toronto tour *nope

2. Do a Northern Ontario Brewery road trip – Lake of Bays, Muskoka Brewery, Flying Monkeys and Sawdust City. *nope

3. Visit The Blue Monk in Buffalo again. *sadly no

4. Road trip to Southern Tier Brewery. *agh..again no

5. Continue to facilitate corporate beer tastings *yes I did this year! whoot

6. Attend 2 out of province/country beer festivals. *yes – mondial and Great British Beer Festival

7. Read Last Call: Rise and Fall of Prohibition (which I bought 4 months ago!) *crap…no

8. Re-read Hops and Glory. *yes I did in England

9. Brew beer (kind of) – At Black Creek or using a Beer Making Kit. *YES!

10. Attend more beer dinners to expand my knowledge of food and beer pairing. *didn’t attend any in 2012

11. Attend a Cameron’s cask night. *nope

12. Beercation trip to California. *no!!!!!

13. Go to Granite brewery. Believe it or not I’ve never been !!! *yep

14. Blog more often. *yes

15. Drink more beer 🙂 *i want to say yes 🙂

I have some work to do this year…and I’m looking forward to another great year!! Happy new year all!



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