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Homebrewing – why 1 Gallon?

When I told other homebrewers I tried the 1 Gallon Brooklyn Brew Kit and now I plan on only brewing 1 gallon beers they seem to ask me the same question – why are you only brewing 1 gallon beers? Its seems to be more ‘normal’ in the homebrew culture to brew 3-5 gallons. The reasoning, they say, is because for the same amount of time/effort you get more beer.

So here are my common answers to this question:

  • Space – First of all I live in a condo and want to minimize the real estate consumed by my homebrew. Beer takes at least a month for it to be ready.
  • I’m a wimp – I can’t really carry, comfortably, more than 2-3 gallons. Brewing 1 gallon means I need to collect 2.25 gallons of wort pre-boil. This is my weight threshold.
  • Frequency – I like to brew often, about 2 times a week! Than means at one time I can easily have 4 beers fermenting in my condo, again without taking up a lot of space.
  • Waste – I don’t like throwing beer out! So if a beer doesn’t turn out I either cook with it or worse case I’m only throwing out 8 bottles of beer with little expense down the drain. This also allows encourages me to experiment more and take risks, the worse case is again throwing out a small batch.
  • Bottling – bottling 8 beers only is much easier. I don’t need to spend another couple of hours one day bottling beer. I can even do it before work.
  • Quantity – Lastly I have a tough time keeping up drinking what I brew now! Keeping up with my brewing habit and schedule works out to be approximately 2 gallons of homebrew a week! I can’t even imagine any more homebrew than that.

So there you go! For anyone wanting to get into homebrewing and has limited space, wants to experiment frequently I recommend a small batch size. Yes, it is too bad when you brew a great beer and it doesn’t last long, on the other hand you can brew it again, and perhaps find ways to improve it.




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